AI Tool Performs Amazing 3D Photograph Effect

Since AI is slowly booming, so are the tools related to AI is on the go which is developed by almost all the software giants. The latest trend in AI is a tool which takes your photograph into a 3D model, spins it round just like a 3D printed simulacra.

This research has been done by the University of Nottingham and Kingston University from the UK. Ideally, the tool replicates the power of super-intelligent robots for making all this possible. The researchers further mentioned that the 3D face reconstruction is a computer vision problem which is somewhat extraordinary. Generally, there is a requirement of multiple photographs of the same face which can be taken from different angles so as to map each and every position of the face contour.

This will create 3D models for all sort of applications such as for video games, wrapping your face to AR video and to VR. Further, this AI-powered tool also ensures that it will easily create all sort of 2D photos into 3D objects.  It works not only for the face but any kind of virtual environment is just fine for the tool to show its results.