Basic Vs Dynamic Disk Storage for Windows

Generally, Windows users (Example: Win.NET Server-2003/ 2000/NT 4.0) get an option to select any one of the two logical disks such as basic and dynamic. So, if you have no idea what are these two logical disk are for and which one to choose, then it’s recommended to read through this informative post carefully. Basic […]... Read More

Recovering RAW Partition

“Hi! I used to store all the media files in one partition of my hard drive. Since two days that particular partition is not accessible, it’s popping up an error message saying “The file drive has become Raw. Do you want to format it?”. But till now I didn’t take any action on that error […]... Read More

Restore Deleted Partition

Microsoft Windows Operating System is the most popular OS around the globe since many people use it due to its affordable cost and easy user-interface. Like any other OS data loss situations, Windows OS users may also come across data loss situations due to partition/re-partition errors, formatted OS etc.   What is Partitioning?   Partitioning […]... Read More

Optimal way to recover data due to Partition deletion in Windows 8

Windows!!! Is one of the fantastic operating system created by Microsoft that is regularly utilized by all the computers. It has earned its name everywhere throughout the world due to its user friendly nature from the people. Some of the notable features of Windows operating system are easy to use that is it might be […]... Read More

Most Treasured Software to Recover Deleted Partitions from Mac Computers

Nowadays, employees of IT companies, hospitals, bank sectors, industries are using Mac operating system because of its attractive GUI that is Graphical User Interface and extremely superior security features. However, due to some unfavorable situations like unintentional deletion or from logical issues, partitions from Mac systems may get delete. For instance, presume you want to […]... Read More