How to Fix MOV Error 2048?

Error 2048 with respect to MOV video file is that “Movie atom not found”. The movie atom, which is also referred as moov atom is a data container holding all the vital information about the corresponding video files such as display resolution, duration, timescale details, and other characteristics. It even contains sub-atoms that contains other […]... Read More

How to Fix Not Opening GoPro Videos?

GoPro is an American technology that manufactures digital cameras and drones with video editing tools. It is widely used by professionals to capture high quality videos. But sometimes GoPro videos get corrupted due to which user is unable to open video on any media player. Can anyone suggest reliable tool to fix GoPro video issues? […]... Read More

Repair MOV files on Mac System

MOV is a commonly used multimedia format for saving movies and video files on user data storage devices like hard disk or other external storage devices. This format is created by Apple computer to support multimedia files. MOV files may contain audio, video, text tracks etc. that can be stored and synchronized to different types […]... Read More