How to use Photo Booth on Mac?

Apple’s Photo Booth is a handy software that helps to you capture pictures and videos at the convenience of your Mac machine. If you are a beginner and do not know how to use Photo Booth, then this short guide will help you understand this application better. Just follow the instructions given in this post accordingly.

How to start Photo Booth app?

If your Mac machine does not have an inbuilt camera, then you need to set-up externally connected webcam. Most of the webcams need to be just plugged into the USB port on your Mac. Before connecting the webcam, make sure that it is compatible with your Mac. Then, to launch the Photo Booth application, move to Desktop and then from the Go menu choose Applications. Within the Applications folder, locate the Photo Booth app.

How to click pictures on Photo Booth?

As soon as you launch the Photo Booth app, your front camera will be enabled. Select any one of the options provided below,

  • Clicking single picture:

Simply click on the button with single picture which is located at the left lower corner of the screen (If you do not choose any option, this will be selected by default)

  • Clicking multiple pictures:

If you wish to capture multiple snaps, then click on the button with four pictures which is present at the left bottom end of the screen

  • Shooting videos:

To shoot videos you need to click on video roll button at the lower left corner of the window

Then finally when you are ready, click on the Camera button. Thereby the countdown begins and at the end of the count, your picture/video will be will be captured. All the captured images and videos will be lined up on the screen and you can view them anytime. However, while viewing your pictures if you have accidentally deleted any of them, then you need not be anxious. You can easily recover accidentally deleted Photo Booth files from Mac using Remo Recover(Windows)-Pro Edition.