Proficient Software to Restore Formatted Data from Hard Disk Drive

In this, modern world computers have brought a marvelous insurrection in every lifestyle and are expected to open more enormous fields and helped to improve the quality of life, in education, productivity in manufacturing etc. As a result, majority of user are spending time using laptops and computers for storing their significant data like images, videos, documents, audio files and other files, thinks it is safe for long time and cannot get lost. However, one thing user forgets one or other day data stored on hard disk drive get corrupt due to some logical reasons or because of human mistakes during the time without having other option most of us opt for formatting process and come across data loss.

Let us assume a scenario that you are using Windows operating system but suddenly it turns into blue screen and not allowing to access the data at that time; you reboot the PC then also same case repeats. In this situation, you go for reinstalling OS to solve this issue and format the hard disk after completion of process you start thinking how to retrieve formatted hard drive with directory structures. In day-to-day life most of us make this sort of mistake and guilt our self. In case, if you are not having any idea then settle down because you are in the right place this short article gives entire information about formatted hard drive recovery with the help of Remo Recover software.

Apart from this, there are few more reasons liable to format the hard disk are highlighted below:

  • Corruption of Master Boot Record: The MBR that is Master Boot Record is the essential element of file systems like FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS, NTFS 5 or ExFAT, which aids you to boot the Windows operating system. If it gets corrupt due to any reasons then you are unable to access the data from hard disk during this time without having any other option you perform format process and leads to huge amount of data loss.
  • Third Party Applications: Without having proper knowledge if you use the third party applications for repartitioning hard drive then there might be chance of data loss due to interruption in process or because of untrusted app.
  • File System Conversion: whenever you want to change the file system of hard disk to another file system likes FAT 32 to NTFS or vice versa, in this case you have to reformat the hard disk drive. In this situation if you forget to take the backup of vital files before the process then you have to face the problem of data loss.

To prevail over above-mentioned scenarios the data recovery expert’s advice few precautionary steps:

  • Maintain two to three copies of valuable files backup on other storage devices
  • Right away, stop using the formatted hard disk
  • Before proceeding to the formatting process make sure, that you have all drives DVD and other precious software to have a complete setup
  • Maintain authorized antivirus software on your system

Painted Features of Remo Recover

The software is powerful and cost efficient to retrieve formatted hard drive within brief time. By utilizing this application you can not only rescue formatted hard disk but also get back data from other storage devices like USB drive, pen drive, external hard disk drive, FireWire drive etc. utmost ease. By empowering this utility, you can add new file types to database, in the event if you do not know how to add file type to remo recover then press this link.