Restoring Windows Backup Files on a Macintosh

At times you may run into situations where you want to take a Windows backup on your Mac. It could that you want to get back a file or group of files from old Windows systems on a Macintosh. Nonetheless, it is merely not possible to restore Windows backup files with Time Machine. Instead, you will have to recover using manual techniques. So, in this post discover how to restore Windows backup files on a Macintosh.

How to restore files from Windows file history?

Windows 10 and 8.1 includes the File History feature to backup data or files. If you have set up an external hard drive to store backup files with file history then you can extract them on Mac. Simply connect the external hard drive to Mac and find the folder named File History. Connect the external drive containing Windows backup to Mac. Open up the File History folder and browse the files that you want to revive. Besides this, you can use the Mac finder to get the files under the file history backup folder.

On Windows 7 systems – Here it is quite tricky to get to files in the Windows backup folder. Though tricky and it consumes a little much of time, you can get back the files and copy and transfer to other storage drives. Here as you connect the external storage to Mac OS X, you will get to see the name of your Windows computer. Click on that and find the folder named Backup Set. You can then get through the set of all backup files along with the dates. The files might be in a compressed format; i.e., with .zip extension. Therefore, you will have to extract the files that you want in order to access them.

How to recover backup files from Windows System Image?

If there is system image backup in the drive then you will have WindowsImageBackup and MediaID.bin files in it. However, it is not so easy to get the backup files individually. These files are usually stored in the virtual hard disk and Mac OS X cannot access it. To access them, you will need some mounter application (Paragon Virtual Disk Mounter). After mounting it you can access the VMDK file and continue to access the backup files from the Windows System Image.