Steps for Previewing Partially Downloaded MP4 Files

There is large a count of users who download plenty of videos on their computer. It is indeed very annoying when downloaded media is of poor quality. So, isn’t it great if it is possible to preview the video quality so that you can decide to continue with the download or not? Luckily, you got ways to preview videos before they are completely downloaded. If you know, your Windows applications itself are capable of playing any partially downloaded video files, let us know more about them.

The VLC player

Your Windows VLC player smoothly plays back all popular video and audio file types.  When you open any partially downloaded video, VLC repairs it and plays it back. As soon as you load such broken videos, VLC automatically detects it and prompts to repair. If you continue with Repair option, the file is fixed and played back with your VLC.

Note: Before you begin to preview your partially downloaded file via any of these media player application, it is better that you duplicate a copy of the file. Otherwise, the original file may lose its integrity. You can check the quality of your downloaded movie with the duplicated video. Suppose that, you have partially downloaded .mp4 video. You will have to create a duplicate copy of this file and then continue to open the incomplete MP4 file with the media player. You can then delete this duplicated copy of the MP4 file.


DivFix++ is another best option to play broken movie files. It is powerful enough to repair your broken AVI files and make it play right. DivFix++ quickly rebuilds your AVI index that makes it play though it was partially downloaded. Moreover, DivFix++ is available for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

GOM Player

It is one of the excellent media player application but available only for Windows. Hence you cannot use this app on Linux or Mac platforms. The GOM player supports all major media file types along with support for subtitles. Herewith, a nice thing with this player app is that- whenever you try to play partially downloaded movies or videos, it will not pop up any error message. Instead, it will start repairing at the backend, when it’s done the file is played back in the player application. Hereby, GOM player offers smooth playing of broken movies without user intervention.